courtesy ofdinovember is what refe and susan tuma have been doing for the last two years during the month of november to ignite their children’s imaginations. the tumas position their children’s dinosaurs to appear as if they come to life overnight. as a result their kids get to live vicariously through their toys when they try to make hot chocolate (above), or wrap themselves in tinfoil. i heard an interview with the two kansas city parents tuesday morning as they answered questions and talked about their recent book, what the dinosaurs did last night.

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  1. We never dreamed up things for you kids to get entertained on. You did your own entertainment, like staying up watching Johnny Carson. I don’t remember Darla doing anything except going to sleep and wanting to have a bed-time story told. Maybe once every October you’d come home with some scary haunted house tale from Neosho or from staying with the neighbors kids. Darla hardly got to do that, I think.

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