Monthly Archives: May 2013

We Came We Saw We Beeped

playing with foodwe had a great time showing everyone how to veg out with the makey makey at screenland last night. the theater will be looking for a new location after next week. it was the first time a public exhibition of mondo beep was done indoors. usually we have to take it to the streets on first fridays.

Mondo Beep @ Screenland

indoorsat 6pm tomorrow night i will take a few things from the mondo beep collection to the screenland theater. i’ll be making electronic glitchy sounds, summoning daft punk-like noise, and inviting others in the lobby to join me before the short films start @ 7pm. screenland will be looking for a new home after may 17. thanks to bonnie and jason for everything.

Georgia the Graduate

life or bustour niece, georgia, graduated from UNL this weekend with a psychology degree. later that day we ate at village inn and made each other laugh. here’s one joke that georgia told:
Q: what’s red and smells like blue paint?
A: red paint.

The Jill & Ramone Show

years ago an old friend gave me this set of salt and pepper shakers that look like a man and woman from hawaii. i always wanted to do something like a puppet show with them… but i never knew exactly what it would be. i got tired of waiting for a good idea, and recorded this.

Postcards #4 Preview

old mailmanthe fourth episode of postcards from home should be up next week, there’s just a little bit of of trimming, polishing, and embellishing that needs to happen first. click here for a preview of the show.

May Day

mighty melt30 years ago i received my first may basket. it was during my stint as a sandwich maker at mighty melt (a deli that used to be in the bel aire shopping center in joplin, mo). my boss gave me a basket full of candy, and said “happy may day!” that had never happened to me before… or since.