The Wheat State

the second episode of postcards from home is up! on this show jenny & i talk about a postcard from kansas aka the wheat state. click here to listen, and check your mailbox for a postcard from us.

7 Responses to The Wheat State

  1. too cute. :)

  2. Kimberly White

    Y’all sound soooo enthusiastic. How early in the a.m. did you record this? Ever consider auditioning for NPR?

  3. Good show :-)

  4. I love your show! It’s great with a morning cup o’ joe!

    • Jim & I listened to you the wheat state show this morning at 5:00 am
      Best show so far. Is it your first? :)
      Jenny is a natural, watch out Son. We’ll be listening for the next show.

  5. Hey Dave and Jenny. Thanks for mentioning me in your Atwoodian ramblings. Just a little side note. You saw a gun fight in Dodge City, and I’ve done a gun fight in Dodge City. It’s a small world after all.

  6. Oh and the center is Lebanon. I’ve been there, it’s nice.

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