last december i blogged about casey kasem counting down american top 40 hits from the 80s, and how cool it is to hear the reruns. one of the most recent shows that aired had this shout out to joplin, mo.

4 Responses to KSYN

  1. =D love you!
    (\ /)
    ( *-*)
    ({} {})
    (O) (O)

  2. (\_/)
    (* _*)
    (O) (O)
    ({}) ({})O

  3. I love you Uncle Dave!!!!!!!!! =D dinner time! =p =d yummy!!!!!!! pizza!!!!!!!!

  4. (\_/) Feed Me!!!!!! ….i am hungry…. Oh, And good morning
    (^O^) Joplin!!!!!!!
    (O) (O) =D
    ({}) ({})o

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