Earth City

i ordered another gadget for mondo beep last friday. the makey makey will result in performance art with fruit, vegetables, and other household items. i’m tracking it on apparently it was shipped from massachusetts, and it arrived at a fedex station in earth city, mo around 9:00 last night. i wonder who got to name the town, “earth city.” should a planet have a city named after it? maybe it would be a good ruse if aliens invade, believing that they need to occupy earth city, the very heart of the earth… only to find out that they are in a far flung suburb way outside of st. louis. yeah, the joke would be on them.

2 Responses to Earth City

  1. Hi Uncle Dave!!! =D Im at Mommacat’s house, and, good news! I GOT THE LEAD PART IN MY PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!! =D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D =) the play is the Nutcracker, and I got the part of marie! Can’t wait! Oh, and BTW (by the way,) I love you and miss you 2! ( You and Aunt Jenny!)

  2. sara, that is AWESOME news! we’re both so proud of you! please let us know when the play is, so we can come see you in it! we love you and miss you too.

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