Two Feet of Snow

well, another foot of snow fell between last night and this morning. the first foot of snow fell last thursday. it had been so long since anyone had seen that much snow around here, folks were acting awkward and making that first foot feel like the new kid in town… but not in a cool eagles kinda way, they were making that first foot feel unwelcome, seriously! no one was gonna hang out or eat lunch with that first foot around! it was getting teased so bad that this other foot of snow came along to intimidate the neighborhood bullies.

2 Responses to Two Feet of Snow

  1. I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE the Eagles. Did you know that I karaoked to Take It Easy? Had to change a few lyrics but it worked…kinda.

  2. “…it’s a BOY my lord in a flatbed ford?”

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