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First Friday Recap January 2013

last friday was the one year anniversary of mondo beep, the sound experiment that takes place every first friday on 18th street. i was disappointed when the cold temps kept pedestrians away, even though i brought a decent sized coleman heater that kept us from freezing. laura charged her smartphone and looped some crazy carnival sounds that kept us entertained. afterward we went to YJ’s, and then the screenland arcade.

One Year Beep

mondo beep will be one year old this friday. over the last 12 months we have:
-shared over a dozen instruments & effects with innocent bystanders
-played amidst jazz, hip hop, surf artists and fire jugglers
-discovered kindred spirits
-appeared in the pitch
-recorded audio and video to prove it all happened.
we hope you’ll join us this again this friday night on 18th street between wyandotte and baltimore around 6-ish.

All Was Quiet

i was singing this song to myself when i walked to homer’s this morning to open the shop with kelly. i felt like the only person on the planet. happy new year.