Cage vs. Futon

i realized that it’s been close to a week since i updated this blog. i’ve followed enough blogs to know that without regular updates these things wither and die. i’ve been reading a book of selected letters from charles bukowski. he was someone else who followed other people’s work and corresponded with many authors and friends. he also worked at a post office until he was able to make a living as a writer. it was a lousy day job, and bukowski described the letters in this book as a way of “screaming from my cage.” i have 3 jobs, none of which are lousy… and this blog is my way of mumbling from my futon.

2 Responses to Cage vs. Futon

  1. Hi Son
    3 jobs, Homers, CPR, Band at church. You are so busy how did you
    Have time to take a weekend getaway?
    Love you

  2. hi mom,
    i just “checked out.” remember?
    love you too,

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