The Hundred Degree Beep

the heat index meant nothing at first fridays last night. mondo beep had the most participants since its debut in january when it didn’t even have a name. thanks to laura for making my sign, to sandy and mark for bringing water, to trista and rebekah for crowd control. thanks to tim for the CD’s (can’t wait to hear them!), and to anna and both zachs for hanging out and making noise.

3 Responses to The Hundred Degree Beep

  1. SUCCESS! Imagine the numbers you’ll have (including me) when it’s not so sweltering h-o-t. 10 out of 10 for Mark’s performance.

  2. Did you see the theramin on Jimmy Fallon last week? Reminded me of you and Mondo Beep making it to the Big Apple.

  3. darla, i MISSED that! i saw the last part of his monologue and most of the thank you notes. dang.

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