The Coffee Review

the review above isĀ  one that jon starcke wrote on homer’s coffee a couple of days ago. if you clicked on the about tab, then you know that homer’s is one of my income sources. jon is a friend that i met through alex makin, alex became my friend when i discovered he had seen the treasure of the sierra madre almost as many times as i have. jon can also quote much of the movie.

4 Responses to The Coffee Review

  1. to clarify, the microwave is saying, “Shut up, droplight!! All you do is swap spit with Tom Waits…!”

  2. oh to be a droplight

  3. Great cartoon review! I am grateful to be gladdened by the creativity of combining different elements of the traditional to make a delightful synthesis! Thanks! (This gives me hope for the future!)

    Here is a more personal note to Dave: I could not reply to Jenny’s phone call–don’t have y’all’s phone #. Didn’t get the voice mail until I returned from the movies around 7:00 last night (Jan. 6). Please let her know that I am doing my best to contact her! ;o)

  4. thanks judy! i’ll tell jenny. hope your saturday is good!

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