Circuit Bending Breakthrough!

AT LAST…  i have discovered multiple circuit bends on a $2 toy that i picked up at the salvation army thrift store. i also found out who started this whole circuit bending thing. really hoping he responds to an email i sent yesterday. in the meantime, i’m gonna practice my soldering skills before adding toggle switches and knobs to this project. here are the sounds i recorded earlier:
first recorded bend
sick cow
the blue truck

4 Responses to Circuit Bending Breakthrough!

  1. Wait is this the ABC toy that you were having troubles with?

  2. NO! i found a touch and tell (texas instruments’ answer to the speak and spell) and finally unlocked the mystery that is circuit bending. i’ll try filtering the ABC toy through the monotron before i trash it.

  3. I don’t quite understand all this stuff. I may be in Jenny’s camp on this one.
    Is this why you spent all that money going to college? I still love you and always will you wild and crazy guy.

  4. thanks mom! i love you too

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