Wired For Quiet

eventually i’ll get tired of electronic accomplishments, but right now every little success makes me feel like thomas edison. today’s hurdle involved cannibalizing a headphone jack from an old radio. i disassembled the piece last night, and put it back together this morning on the yamaha keyboard that i’m circuit bending. this takes care of two things: i can work on this project while jenny’s home (i can now wear headphones & she won’t complain about the noise), AND it doubles as a line out to a larger amp.

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  1. Howdy!

    Have been checking out some of the most recent pieces on your website/blog. (BTW, happy b-day, Dave!) I tried commenting on the “shot in the dark” Homer’s blog entry, but it wanted me to add an ID on a free blog site??? Anyway, my comment didn’t show up. (I said that “shot in the dark” was the best name for the drink as it’s got a literary quality to it.)

    Circuit bending sounds like a wide open, nearly infinite door of possibilities–highly individual–the only limits are your own tech expertise and imagination. Rather reminds me of the early days of the internet (sigh, how sad to recall how open-ended, free, and mutually supportive it used to be).

    How interested are you in old, old tech? You said you’d cannibalized old headphones (?), jack (?). I have one of the very first entertainment centers ever. It belonged to my parents. It has a world-band radio (really, really cool dial face), a converted phonograph, and a wire recorder. Do you know anyone who could check it out for me? The tubes need to be cleaned for sure. You may not be up for something this old, but I was hoping you might know someone who’s into “antique” media. I treasure it because it’s where I first heard rock and roll: Tequila by the Champs, Hound Dog by Elvis, and so on up through the early days of “underground” FM radio.

    I still find your blog thought-provoking, informative, well written (you have a way w/words), and perspective-taking. Were that there were more hours in the day!

    ;o) Judy Greene

  2. I told Josh about the circuit-bending, and I don’t know if he’ll answer me on it. He’s at his Mom’s, because school started yesterday (8/1). He probably doesn’t have internet over there. I didn’t see your circuit-bending until today. The only thing that was on about two days ago was where you were fooling with that toy-looking thing.

  3. yeah… i hope i can work on it some more today.

  4. don’t hurt your ears with the loud noises


  5. thanks for the comments andi! jenny is wondering how you find time to follow my blog, i told her that you just have to prioritize ;)

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