Monthly Archives: April 2011

Woman on a Quest

i was listening to NPR while driving on the 435 loop this morning & afternoon. one of the shows had a caller who identified herself as shelby. she lives 3 miles from disneyland, and said she was on a quest to see everything there in the span of a year. she has a blog. i checked it out. it looks awesome. i was the 7th person to comment on her post about being on the show, wait wait, don’t tell me. one of the links i found on her blog features attractions that aren’t at disneyland anymore. cool, nostalgic, and somewhat depressing: yesterland.…and THEN my sister called to tell me she has acquired a disney encyclopedia series that we used to have when we were kids!!! (can’t wait to see it, darla!)

Third Podcast Preview

in the third podcast, danny williams and i talk about cyndi lauper, and a handful of classic rock bands… and the “ownership” we felt over them as young fans. we invite you, the listener, to be a fly on our wall on the next dr. sleepwalk and captain fuzzbot’s replay locomotive. here’s a clip from the next show.
cyndi lauper

Push to Record

we’re staying ahead of the game… a third podcast is in the editing stage, and danny williams came to my house today to record MORE material for future shows/podcasts. we both felt good about the subjects that were covered, and we were lucky: the microphones were switched “on,” and the computer didn’t crash. some topics we covered include two comedians, a misheard lyric medley, and breakdancing. all will be revealed on dr. sleepwalk and captain fuzzbot’s replay locomotive.

Show Number 3

a third installment of dr. sleepwalk and captain fuzzbot’s replay locomotive is expected soon. the planets are in alignment, migratory fowl are on the move, and regional temperatures are erratic… it must be time for a new show!

Right Song, Wrong Lyric

chris and i used to do a medley like this in the subs. after awhile it felt like we were the only ones getting the joke, so we stopped. we should have used captions like jeremy messersmith.


how does a rhythm and blues band survive in a country western bar? play RAWHIDE!

The Second Podcast is Here

the second podcast reached the beach yesterday. it still smells kinda salty but we got most of the sand and seaweed off in the editing process. i’m wondering if it should even be CALLED a ‘podcast…’ it’s not on itunes, and i don’t own an ipod. maybe someday. the topics in this show are babysitting and mojo.
002 episode

The Second Podcast So Far

another team of scientists, experts, and fashion designers is hard at work on the next episode of dr. sleepwalk and captain fuzzbot’s replay locomotive aka the podcast. an ETA for the second episode is unknown at this point, but this little bit was acquired while they were all out for a lunch break…
the babysitter