Easter Aftermath

easter was good. we invited a few friends over for lunch. one of the couples gave me a nintendo 64 system AND a box of game cartridges (thanks scott & candy!) we played a couple of games, climbed on the monkey bars outside, and said our goodbyes a few hours later. my grasp of video games after the mid 80′s is limited, and i wasn’t sure how much time it would take to master starfox and golden eye… then kyle told me i could play old games on the nintendo 64 like defender, spy hunter, and robotron 2084. these are my games. i spent an embarrassing amount of quarters on these games. when i play these games i can imagine the sights and smells of long gone arcades like spaceworld, lemans, malibu grand prix, and alladin’s castle. these memories don’t just take me back (especially while tuned to an 80′s internet station), they can make me forget my current responsibilities. this isn’t always a good thing. along those same lines, i emailed a correct answer to a trivia question on the stuck in the 80s podcast, and got my name on the show. ok, i added the applause later, but only because that’s how i heard it in my head… like zach braff in scrubs.

4 Responses to Easter Aftermath

  1. Official blogging friends! This comment solidifies it. Side note: I’m the littlest one on the front of the sled.

  2. And the crowd goes wild!

  3. The least they could do was to pronounce your name correctly. It’s too beautiful of name to be said incorrectly! Oh by the way what was the trivia question?

  4. i was one of several people who was able to identify a song, “you better you bet” by “the who.” they played a one second clip on a previous show. i’ve been among the winners on past shows & they pronounced it correctly then. maybe they were just tired when they recorded this one. who knows.

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