Monthly Archives: March 2011

Ash Wednesday

On a Header Whim

i love the fact that i can change the “header” on this blog. it took me awhile to figure out how to do it. the image above is one of many that i’ll mess around with by sticking a cartoon somewhere in it (or a floating head) and use the resulting image as a header at the top of the page. this picture is from a collection of retro future works done by Klaus B├╝rgle.

Custom Paper Toys

jenny & i went to a birthday party for twin boys i used to babysit. they are 8 years old, and we weren’t sure what presents to bring, so i downloaded some paper toys from a friend’s website. it took me most of the afternoon to cut, fold, and glue them together… but i felt a REAL sense of accomplishment when they were done. thanks matt for letting me benefit from your creative genius.

Scary Carnival

as promised, here’s the mp3 that danny & i worked on yesterday. he laid down a few tracks before he had to go & run some errands. i added some stuff to it this morning, then i mixed some audio from a homemade calliope with crowd noise at a real carnival… that part sounds kinda normal, then it sounds like danny & i took the whole thing down a dark alley and beat the snot out of it. this one will also be added to the list of mp3′s on the day of mars page. see you on the ferris wheel.


jenny & i caught a glimpse of life on the farm at my sister’s house

Caution Ignored

when i finished a morning shift at homer’s yesterday, danny williams was sleeping in his car in front of my house. i woke him up and within a few minutes he threw caution (and his ill health) to the wind, and then proceeded to record some cool riffs. we had some problems getting it on the hard drive (the recording software kept crashing), but we managed to piece together some stuff that sounds like a nightmarish carnival. i’ll post an mp3 soon.