Monthly Archives: February 2011

Face the Music

tonight chris mull and i will call ourselves THE SUBS and play acoustic tunes at a small gathering in west shawnee. what kind of acoustic tunes are they? i’m glad you asked! our setlist has evolved into something that includes (but isn’t restricted to) surf, swing, and spy songs. think ventures, fats waller, and henry mancini. we’ve been doing this under different names, with a revolving cast of characters, and at almost any venue for the last 25+ years. valentine’s day is coming up roses, so we’ll be playing every song we know with the word “love” in it. if you want to hear some songs we’ve recorded, click on the subs link over there on the right… or just click here.

tomorrow night we’ll be at homer’s coffeehouse

Aim! Focus! Blur.

i was thinking how this website needs some kind of anchor, focus, central point… i draw cartoons, write and record songs, make videos, and write on this blog. however, sometimes the writing part is like a drowsy sniper… the eyelids get heavy, the crosshairs drift past the target, and the bullet lands in the dirt. as soon as i get my camcorder back (it’s at my sister’s house) i’ll make some more videos and scan new cartoons, but in the meantime i’ll keep shooting out ideas and hope that something sticks.

This is a TEST of the Unusual Blog Entry

…had this been an actual blog entry of an unusual nature, you would have been subjected to the author’s recollections of a weird childhood, then directed toward websites that feature human oddities, dead malls, and a surrealist compliment generator. however, THIS is only a test.