Pong Lives!

shaved pongPong is back. The earliest digital home video game has now “evolved” into an analog horizontal experience. How did this happen? Somebody could see into the future and the past. Somebody¬†beckoned the spirit of this classic game. Somebody stood at the cave where Pong had gone to die and summoned it forth like Lazarus. Now the game¬†is back in the living room with motors, rails, pulleys, and magnets. The score display is also as clock when no one is playing. It’s also a coffee table, USB charging station, and a bluetooth speaker!

2 Responses to Pong Lives!

  1. The only thing I remember about that gadget is when I came home from work at Chino either you or both you and Darla were playing it, and sometimes before I left for work, which was either 10 or 3 pm.

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