From Texas To Missouri

4in1dad and abby drove up from el paso last week. the pics above were taken @ steve and darla’s the last day we were all together. earlier they got a room at the econo lodge in carthage, and i’m told that the girls (sara, jane, and mary lynn) didn’t waste any time, and went swimming at the motel’s indoor pool! we also had a fun time jamming with horns, flute, guitar, and drums on sunday after church. we played everything we knew from to mozart to stax/volt.

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  1. What great picture’s! It’s so good to see Dave and Abby. (What a pretty lady) And there is one picture of you, Darla, Dave and Abby that Dave looks like Grand dad. I was shocked when I first saw it. He looks good. So glad you all got to spend time together. Wish the girls could spend more time together

  2. That was really something. I never enjoyed seeing you and the girls so much as this time. They’re growing like weeds, but they’re the most beautiful flowers in the world. And you and Darla and Steve are just the luckiest people to help raise those girls. Thank you and Jenny, Darla and Steve (of course!) and your Mom and Jim for helping raise such fine kids, and we hope to help by seeing them more often.

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