Vulcans From 1972

VULCANS_STARTREKThere once was a reggae group called Vulcans.  Their debut album, Star Trek was released in 1972 on the Trojan record label.  Tracks include: Joe Kidd, Red Herring, and Shang Hied.  The album flopped– but I heard Shang Hied today on Heavyweight Reggae via

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  1. Dadgum Son, I left what I thought was a good response to your last post, at least Jim laughed, but it never came up. Wonder if youll see this one.
    I can’t comment on Vulcans, as I never heard of them. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have time for vulchers or vulcans!

    • I see your response Mom! you might remember Leonard Nimoy’s character, Mr. Spock was a Vulcan on Star Trek. He was the one with pointy ears that never smiled because Vulcans are ruled by logic instead of emotion.

  2. Appreciation from a Buck Rogers fan, good to see a post my friend and……..hey mom!!!

    • Yo Hoovster! I didn’t know you were a Buck Rogers fan!?! or was it mostly Erin Grey you had your eye on? heh heh… you sly dog, you!

  3. I remember the character. Just didn’t know he was referred to or was a vulcan and I was thinking of a singing group.
    Hi Jeff. Come see me, we still live in the same old place.

  4. ……yea.. ERIN…..DIBI,DIBI,DIBI,DIBI, Says Twiggie…..meow!!

  5. OH, Hey mom…. disregard that last semi vugar comment….and thanks for the invitation!!

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