Monthly Archives: September 2018

The Only One

shortylast night i was listening to my favorite podcast like a little kid when i found out i won a book! a few weeks ago the hosts of stuck in the 80′s played a short clip of an old TV show intro. they invited listeners to email the name of the show & then be entered into a drawing to win an autographed copy of 80s redux: your favorite musicians today. i figured out the clip was from AfterMASH, and entered the drawing. when i heard the podcast host say only one person got it right i squealed like a little girl.

Labor Day Soundtrack

WXPN_radio_station_studio-e1469454642191most of the customers i saw yesterday at homer’s were off for labor day. i went into DJ mode & told chloé we should play appropriate songs for the holiday since we still had work. now don’t get me wrong– it was cool that i got to sleep in because the shop opened much later than usual, but work is still work. here’s a song medleyy that echoed our sentiments.

Labor Day

labor-day-posters-4did some reading on the history & origins of labor day. i wasn’t surprised that the holiday we currently observe came out of strikes & riots 124 years ago. it’s surreal that 12 hour work days aren’t a thing of the past… for some folks, the struggle still goes on today.

Now You See Him…

see no see…now he’s headless! well, as headless as a 4-year-old tries to be in public. jenny & i watched ryan for a few hours recently while his parents were working. he liked playing with the speak and spell that sara and i circuit bent & rewired last month. when we went grocery shopping he had to entertain himself, so he pulled his shirt up over most of his head. i’m not sure if he was trying to scare me or make me laugh… so i laughed.