Monthly Archives: August 2016

It Was The Oil Pressure Switch

oilpressureswitchlast week my jeep left oil stains behind wherever it went. it was easier to see than a trail of bread crumbs. i could have gotten lost, and then found my way back home if the engine didn’t blow up first. luckily i found the leak with the help of my neighbor, and replaced a bad oil pressure switch yesterday. dad, i hope this makes you proud.

Angie Had A Little Lamb

mary hadda littleangie (my rocket grant partner and surrogate daughter) came over a few days ago, and took a few stacks of records from our house. i probably accumulated five or six hundred LP’s over the last 15 years, and that’s not counting 45′s! when i realized that i would like some extra space in our little house, i asked her if she wanted any vinyl. while she was here i showed her my latest electronic purchases: the office and arcade pocket operators. after a little instruction, angie was able to play this¬†familiar tune by pushing one button, and twisting one knob to alter the pitch. my only contribution to this track is the camera shutter clicks.

Little Baltimore Playmate

meandandi2yesterday was my sister-in-law’s birthday. a couple of weeks ago i promised her that i would upload a certain video soon. i’m usually pretty lazy, so i kicked myself into gear to get it online yesterday. the video is andi (and me) singing our altered verses of the little playmate song.

My Old Car In Film Noir

swingerthe first car i ever owned was my parents’ 1974 dodge dart swinger. it had a V-8 engine that left a lot of cars in the dust. it wasn’t built to last, it was built for speed & you don’t see very many of them on the road these days. well i just watched the american side on netflix, and my old dodge is in most of it (see above). the movie itself is pretty cheesy with a throwback 1940′s private eye feel, but it has a story that starts (and ends) with a low rent detective driving my old car and playing pinball… so yeah, i’ll watch it again.

I’ve Been Robloxed!

ROBLOXmebetterlightingjoshua¬† (my guitar student & music video production assistant) has his own youtube channel where he makes roblox animations. if you’ve never seen one, just imagine lego people with sound effects. the pic above is from joshua’s latest video, foggy with a chance of fart juice. it’s a 3 minute recap about the time i demonstrated my fog machine for joshua and his brother wes.