Monthly Archives: December 2015

Tim O’Brien’s Pompadour

pompadourjenny & i drove to joplin for thanksgiving with my family last weekend. on the way down we listened to folk alley, an internet station i found that plays a great mix of folk, celtic, world, and alt-country music. they are based out of ohio, and they even have live DJ’s! one of the songs that especially cracked us up was tim o’brien’s pompadour. it was a track he recorded after he woke up with the hair stylings of christopher walken.

Two Week Notice

manasleepatcomputerkeep calm… i’m not quitting anything. two week notice means i just realized that it’s been two weeks since my last blog post. a moment ago i wiped the spittle from my chin, and cracked my knuckles. ok, i’m ready to catch up now! hmmm… i think the next few posts will include my latest online discoveries, an update on beep goes the weasel, and a short video i made from tree shadows. stay tuned!