Monthly Archives: January 2012

Thanks Hoove

jeff hoover is an old friend of mine from high school. a couple of weeks ago his wife sent me a facebook message asking for my address. last friday jeff sent me a box of cool t-shirts with old boombox and turntable art. as i write this i realize that over the years he has mailed me multiple bowling shirts, a route 66 t-shirt, and a drive in speaker. in the mid 90′s i wore the bowling shirts for a temp assignment that required business casual attire (aka shirt with a collar).

Out With The Old…

spent a half hour at lake olathe thursday. over the years it’s been a good place to get the creative juices flowing for songs and art. back in the 80′s it was a good place to throw a frisbee or start a fire. these days most of my friends work normal hours, and i’m the only one who comes back. on this visit i saw a new playground that was built recently, it made me miss the old one with a tall pole that my nephew climbed when he was little.

The Coffee Review

the review above isĀ  one that jon starcke wrote on homer’s coffee a couple of days ago. if you clicked on the about tab, then you know that homer’s is one of my income sources. jon is a friend that i met through alex makin, alex became my friend when i discovered he had seen the treasure of the sierra madre almost as many times as i have. jon can also quote much of the movie.

Flower and a Robot

forget cold and flu season– the pixel art bug is the thing to catch. after getting a nice note from kristen (one of our co-workers at homer’s) kelly and i pixelated a flower and a robot. if you can draw a stick man, you can pixelate too.