What The What?

shockedmonday i posted a picture of bill murray on my blog & facebook page. it was a screen shot of him from “the razor’s edge.” i casually asked if anyone could name the movie because i only expected my film nerd friends to know the answer. i was shocked and giddy when i saw steve spears‘ comment:FB spears commentspears has hosted my favorite podcast, stuck in the 80′s, for the last 12 years. during most of that time i’ve listened to him share stories & talk to huey lewis, cyndi lauper, molly ringwald, and 3 of the original MTV veejays. swapping comments with him on facebook was super mega awesome, and if that makes me sound like a fanboy… so be it. spearsy, if you’re reading this, don’t blush– just bask & keep on doing what you’re doing. SIDENOTE: i don’t want all of this attention i’m giving steve spears to diminish all of the social media interaction i’ve had w/co-host brad williams– brad is awesome & always answers my emails, comments, and messages… steve just seems so much more reclusive so i had to gush when he left a comment on my facebook page!

Normal… Not Normal

normali walk past this storefront almost every tuesday, and i do love art… but today i loved flatulent humor even more…not normal

Beat The Heat & Go Beep Thursday!

lackman librarywhat happens when you put together:
1 piano made from 12 vegetables
1 theremin with 39 sound effects
a bunch of kids from 4 – 14 years old
you get BEEP GOES THE WEASEL at the ¡Adelante! Read! Summer program at Central Resource Library Thursday afternoon from 1-3pm!!! if you want to learn how to play Smoke On The Water or the Star Wars theme on carrots & celery, we’ll be waiting for you!

I’ve Been To The Mountain

razorsedgemurray friends, romans, countrymen, lend me your ears… oh wait, you did that already! the turnout of family & friends that came to the motel mancini show saturday night was overwhelming. thanks everyone! plans are already in the works for another day of wine and roses. oh, and a big thanks to my family for cramming in as much food & fun as we did in the course of a weekend!

Heeeere’s What’s New

squeezedPOSTERmany times a customer will ask me “what’s new?” i could go into great detail about family drama or personal medical issues, but most of the time i condense my reply for them. here is a condensation:
–warhol-esque fliers for motel mancini’s upcoming gig at homer’s
–new strings on my acoustic guitar
–when asked “what kind of music do you guys play?” my answer will be: “the entire soundtrack to breakfast at tiffany’s & more cold war favorites than you can aim a missile at”

Fun In Joplin

triolast weekend jenny & i headed south for the black family reunion. it’s the first sunday in june  in wyandotte, OK. along the way we picked up my nieces & spent saturday in joplin. we found 4 geocaches, a food truck serving dairy free smoothies, and bonsai trees for sale on the corner of 26th and main.

Pretend Life On Mars

thehabitatfound a new podcast last week called the habitat. it’s a series that documents the lives of six individuals who volunteer to share a small living space for one year. the 365 day experiment started in 2015. it was a simulation to prepare for the first human crew that will live on mars one day. i’ve been listening to it when i wash dishes, or drive to and from CPR classes. the whole thing is 7 episodes.

Two More Saturdays!

rocketseparationa week from this saturday, june 9, motel mancini will make one small tap for man– on the microphone, one giant leap for mankind when they hit the first chord, and then launch into 2 hours of live music at homer’s coffeehouse. big thanks to NASA for providing the rocket image. the weekly countdown for motel mancini’s night at homer’s started almost 10 weeks ago.

Ha! Ha! Huh?

hahaHUHthis isn’t los angeles– this is prairie village (insert dragnet narration here) it was a humid night at angela’s house on 78th terrace. the neighbors had already mowed their lawns & were settling down to watch netflix. i’m not joe friday– but this is where the magic happens every monday night… except this time it was wednesday.

Still Spinnin’ The Hits

irishdeejay“how do you keep it together, dave? what’s your secret?” well, at the end of the day i just want to play jungle hunt on my atari 2600, and turn on a station with live deejays playing the best hits of the 80′s. thanks to the internet i can tune in B99.3, broadcasting out of potsdam, NY. that slows the world down just enough for me to jump off for awhile.