Big Botanical Beeps!

grassman“you’re the first person i thought of!” that’s what amy duke told me a few weeks ago when she invited beep goes the weasel to be part of a big botany exhibit at the spencer museum of art this sunday. it’s the day of creativity, and a bunch of us will be doing demonstrations to show how art, science, people and plants are interwoven. of course, i will be doing my part by showing folks how to play with their food. the event goes from noon to 3pm!

Hey, That’s MY Monster!

The-Fog-Horn-The-Beast-from-20000-Fathoms-Light-Housedid you hear the one about the prehistoric sea monster and the fog horn? science fiction author ray bradbury wrote that story and MANY more like it in the 1950′s. some screenwriters included it in the movie the beast from 20,000 fathoms without bradbury’s knowledge. the story goes that ray bradbury was friends with stop-motion animator, ray harryhausen who was making the beast in the movie. when bradbury stopped by the studio for a visit he pointed out that the monster that harryhausen was crafting was actually his monster that he created in a story written for the saturday evening post 2 years earlier. bradbury received a healthy financial compensation within days. big thanks to the retroist for posting this story!

Eh, It’s A Living

leisure seekerwhoa! they actually pay someone to do THAT??? that was my knee jerk juvenile thought when i walked past the rio tuesday. then my delayed adult reaction figured out the theater management was simply using one marquee for two things: a job offer & a movie title. it would be cool to have that on my resumé though… dave cedillo, professional leisure seeker.

The Eavesdropper

silhouettesCAPTIONnativeamericandollsok. i’ve done my part, now it’s your turn. what weird/funny/inappropriate conversation would you pretend is going on here? crank up the bizarro on that imaginary eavesdropper and show me what you’ve got!

Inside The Egg

meandbobbithis is what it looked like inside the egg gallery on saturday. once everything was wired for sound, we just went nuts. i was collaborating with bhutanese artists & jamming with the president/CEO of northeast kansas city chamber of commerce. rave on bobbi!

Outside The Egg

eggexteriori went outside my comfort zone saturday, and beeped just east of prospect and independence avenue. i didn’t know what to expect when i accepted amy fisher’s invitation to bring beep goes the weasel to the egg gallery. music came in the form of carrots, celery, and yes– hard boiled eggs. i taught folks how to play smoke on the water, sleepwalk, and other various sundry jams. the cold weather weeded out the sissies, and the rest of us had a good time.

Leave A Message At The… What?

computer-chess-2013-002-wiley-wiggins-computersif you’re reading this between 3 and 4:30pm saturday, april 14– i’m not here. i’m doing beep goes the weasel at The Egg Business Incubator and Gallery in northeast kansas city. in addition to fruits & vegetables, we’ll be playing hard boiled eggs as part of Spring Time Fun: a weekend event that includes a fashion show, a display of Bhutanese Handicrafts, and much more.

The Egg Goes Beep Tomorrow!

this onewhich came first, the chicken or the beep? that will be the question on everyone’s mind when beep goes the weasel debuts at The Egg Business Incubator and Gallery tomorrow! starting at 3pm we’ll be making music on fruits, veggies, and yes EGGS! we’ll be sharing space with Prairie Primitives & Bhutanese Handicrafts. hope to see you there!

God Bless The Child

smithcoronaelectricto quote an old song: mama may have, papa may have, but god bless the child that’s got his own… typewriter! i threw that last bit in there because i obtained one a few nights ago (thanks elizabeth!) the smith corona was described as “a good version of a Chevy” in the movie california typewriter. 30 years ago i mostly used a typewriter for school, work, and purposes that were not creative. after watching this movie, i thought i’d try one out again to see if the experience could turn itself into the muse. i do like hearing the “bap bap bap” of the keys, the “ding” when the margin is getting close, and the groan of the carriage return. thankfully there’s still enough ink in the ribbon to hit the ground running.

Song Begat Song

The-Breeders-2017-1506960535-640x360a few days ago i heard a song by the breeders (above) called wait in the car. the sparse use of chords & unison styled vocals motivated me to write a similar type of song so i could record it with my beep goes the weasel bandmate: angie wolford. our song is called all work and no play. it’s a little slower, but we had fun recording it.