Makin’ Up A Mess Of Fun

bananasplitsgamevic sage posted this banana splits pic on facebook earlier this morning. he’s a regular contributor to the retroist blog. if there’s an old commercial for this 1969 kid’s game, i couldn’t find it. it reminded me of some other cool games that my folks got me over the years though:gamblermaxresdefaulthappy_days

3 Responses to Makin’ Up A Mess Of Fun

  1. did we give you those games or were they just around during that time? seems I remember the gambler but not how it was played.

    • Mom, we TOTALLY had those games!!! The Mad Magazine game was just downright crazy. The object of the game was to lose all of your money!

  2. we didn’t need a game to teach us how to lose money. why in the world would we get a game like that?

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